*   Volunteer – CONTROL POINT CONTROL POINT at Petrovsky cross, intended for checking the number of participants at the 12th kilometer. There will be WATER station for the competitors in 23, 30 and 44 kilometers. Those ones who compete in 30 km running are supposed to pass this point twice.

*   Fork 2! Increased ATTENTION at the intersection where the long descent down the dirt road toward Golemo Malovo (refreshment point "The X") begins. All competitors continue their descent towards the village. Only the 30 km runners coming from Petrovski Cross peak, as soon as they get onto the dirt road, turn left and continue along the ridge with an ascent.

*   Volunteer – CONTROL POINT located at the second cross above Vasilovtsi along the usual route, where the 30 km runners turn back and start the return. Checking the number of competitors. Coming out on the route for 44-km distance and going down to Rayanovtsi.

*   Refreshment point "The X" (Golеmo Malovo). All competitors - runners and cyclists - in 44-km distance pass it two times, and those ones in 23 km pass it only once. Competitors in 30 km do not pass it. This is the place where the routes of RUNNERS and CYCLISTS separate: Those ones in 23 km - turn RIGHT from that point, and the competitors in 44 km - at reaching the point, continue to the LEFT of it.

*   Fork 4! After passing the Refreshment Point in the village of Golemo Malovo, in order to finish, the competitors continue along the main road, and after about 300-400 meters there is a turnoff to the left where they leave the village and continue along a dirt road past the Dragoman swamp, and towards the town.

*   Refreshment point in Rayanovtsi - the only one for the 30 km competitors; it is located at the 18th kilometer from the start of this distance. All the competitors in 44-km distance are also supposed to pass here.

*   Refreshment point in Vasilovtsi. All 44-km competitors pass it.

*   Start/Final Refreshment point.