Moving to a two-day format

We started in 2011, with the ambition, through active sports in nature, to give a chance for the development of a municipality neighboring Sofia. And also to give everyone another opportunity to discover something new very close by, to enjoy the bird wealth of the Dragoman swamp, the magnificent views from Petrovski Krast peak, to follow their urges for sports and adventures - mountain running, mountain biking or just hiking. During the last 10 years, many things have changed in Dragoman Municipality, and Bike & Run for Chepan has become the most important public and sports event of the town, gathering on the day of the start more than 600 people, and, we hope, an increasing year-round flow of people.

In 2020, the start was given on October 17. Under the title "Adrenaline with a cause", the competition managed to generate over BGN 3,200 to restore the damage caused by the big fire on 23.01.2020 in the Dragoman swamp.

Then the followed Tenth edition of Bike & Run for Chepan! The start in 2021 was on October 16, and with this edition we added a new and long expected discipline: duathlon 23/23. With this jubilee start, the organizers - Stenata stores, Dragoman Municipality and SDP "Balkani"set to themselves a new goal: to support the campaign "To preserve Bulgaria's centuries-old trees"". And what is more important - to demonstrate how a competition can be environmentally responsible and nature friendly.

Thanks to the record number of registered participants, more than BGN 4,000 were collected and donated!

We started the Bike & Run for Chepan’s second decade with the XIth start on 15.10.2022. We believe that sport and charity should go hand in hand, so we continued with the starts under the title Adrenaline with a Cause and supported "Durankulak Ornithological Bird Ringing Camp 2022". With the eleventh edition, we also add the new, quite reasonable, discipline E-BIKE 44 E-BIKE 44..

With the XII-th start of Bike and Run for Chepan we return to spring editions. The date is 29.04.2023. And the Cause is to support again the campaign "To preserve Bulgaria's centuries-old trees", to speed up the process of locating and mapping ancient trees and thus preserve more of these phenomenal ecosystems.

The thirteenth start of the Bike and Run for Chepan is a turning point. Quite logically and quite naturally and expectedly, it switches to a two-day format. And quite traditionally maintaining our commitment, with your invaluable help, participant, to support a cause related to the care and protection of nature. And again, in the spirit of consistency, the 2024 cause is campaign support "To preserve Bulgaria's centuries-old trees" Because this is a long-term campaign, with consequences that reverberate far beyond the boundaries of a single human life.

For many people mountain running is like narcotic. Lots of them begin practicing mountain biking in search of adrenaline. Born on the border between 20th and 21st centuries, we are searching for, and feed on, overcoming challenges. Everest, El Capitan, the Moon, the Mariana Trench, the poles - all ancient myths have been debunked, the clock is ticking in the head of every modern person, life looks like an endless race. All this happens in the Nature. And she, she is sick. And this means that we are also sick. We must do something for the nature in Bulgaria, for the nature of Chepan Mountain and the Dragoman Swamp, which so hospitably welcome us, year after year.

Register and participate. Be part of a real race intertwined with a cause, where every registration has more than symbolic meaning.

Bike & Run for Chepan is changing!

Take part you too!

Let's do Good!