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In 2022, at the dawn of its second decade, Bike & Run for Chepan stands behind a new cause . Nature is our eternal home and we feel its protection as our natural duty and vocation. We continue to help Balkani Wildlife Society and Association of Parks in Bulgaria in their key activities as to restoration of the infrastructure of the Dragoman Marsh and protection of century-old trees. This year we officially launch our support of a long-standing initiative to research and protect birds whose natural habitats in the wild and near water bodies are under serious threat:


In the 11th edition of "Bike & Run for Chepan stands behind a new cause“ 5 лв от всяка стартова такса ще бъдат дарени за Опръстенителен орнитологичен лагер Дуранкулак 2022 г., провеждан ежегодно от 2019 г. Съвместно от the Bulgarian National Museum for Natural History, the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IBER-BAS), Balkani Wildlife Society, Le Balkan Foundation - Bulgaria and a Dutch bird ringer Patrick Bergkamp. 50% of the sales value of the traditional Buff tubular will be donated to the cause; Bike & Run for Chepan stands behind a new causethis tubular will be with a unique design for each edition of Bike & Run for Chepan, which this year pays homage to the colorful bird kingdom. This beautiful Buff, the work of the artist Sofia Popyordanova, will be available in the store of the National Museum of Natural History,Stenata storeswell as in Stenata stores by the second half of August.


What is bird ringing like and why is it important?


The main focus of the bird ringing camp is to study the migration of birds along the Western Black Sea flyway "Via Pontica". This is done by ringing the birds – one of the simplest yet most important method for studying birds and their migration. This kind of marking allows tracking both their movement within a given territory and long-distance migration to and from their wintering grounds. Ringing is often the only way to observe the lifespan of the birds and the age at which they reach sexual maturity and start breeding. Thanks to the ringing we gather data on survival rates, causes of death, age, and population size for a given bird species.

Other goals of the camp are to train new researchers and bird ringers, as well as educate volunteers of all ages about nature study and nature protection.


When is the Durankulak Bird Ringing Camp carried out and what are the funds needed for?


The camp is carried out on the coast of the Black Sea, in "Durankulak Lake" protected area, within the period from the 15th of August until the 1st of November every year. The camp's scientific and technical base and living facilities rely on volunteers and donations for the following:
Aluminum rings for bird ringing and special pliers to open and close them around the bird's legs;
Electronic scales and calipers for determining the bird’s weight and size, as well as nets and poles for catching birds;
Fuel to transport volunteers, ringers and shift supervisors to the camp and back during the course of the field season;


Birds are one of the most vulnerable parts of nature's biodiversity - let's do what we can to mitigate the effects of urbanization, deforestation, pollution and many other factors that destroy huge populations of bird wealth every year!

See more about the cause and additional donation opportunities here.


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