Chepan Sky – 30 km picturesque mountain running with denivelation of D +1200 m/D –1200 m. It starts from the center of Dragoman toward the Wetlands Conservation Center and from there to Petrovsky krast peak. From there the track climbs up and continues along the usual route on the ridge until it gets to the dirt road from which the descent to the „X“ support point begins. There it turns left and continues upslope and along the ridge; then the track follows the ridge as after 5-6 kilometers it reaches a technical descent and then it goes up again. A short descent follows again, which passes through a grove until the track comes out onto a dirt road (near the almost U-turn of the 44-kilometer course after the second cross above the village of Vasilovtsi has been passed, and from which the descent to the village of Rayanovtsi begins). Then it continues along a dirt road that to some extent parallels the 44-km course, as at some point it turns off and goes around a hill on the left-hand side; eventually it comes out on the abovementioned second cross, where it merges with the 44-kilometer course, and then continues to Rayanovtsi. At this stone cross (around the 16th kilometer), the return to Dragoman begins; there will be a control point where will be handed out ribbons to each competitor. These ribbons MUST be presented at the finish. Then the track follows the 44-kilometer route (in the same direction as the cyclists) until it gets to Rayanovtsi (18th km) and the support point located there, after which it climbs up to the point where it merges with the road going down from Petrovsky krast. Then it turns right and goes up to the top, after which it continues to the finish line along the same route as the 23- and 44-kilometer running course.

You can download the gpx track from the link below.

Download file: Bike4chepan_Chepansky.gpx