BUFF produces the unique tubular with a design by Sofia Popyordanova made especially for the competition
SIGG provide some of the best thermoses and water bottles
JULBO supports us with the perfect sunglasses for sports and leisure
DEUTER provides the perfect backpacks and accessories
Kärcher, a long-standing partner with a serious prize pool
Subaru will provide us with a car that will be an invaluable help to the competition and financial support
Parana – insurer of all competitors
E-kolelo – prize fund and financial support
B.yond provide products for the support points, the children's competition and financial support
B.Yond chips are a combination of all the beneficial ingredients of whole grain brown rice and a variety of flavors from around the world.


Valnuts – tasty nut creams for the refreshment points along the courses and prizes for the fastest participants
BACKBAR show us the fresh taste and quality of drinks
Harmonica shows us the sweet side of things
Doppelherz make sure that we have the necessary vitamins, minerals and supplements, so important for the sports person
AboPharma will provide liquid magnesium with the starter packs
RedBull "gives you wings"… with the drink waiting for you at the finish line.
Sponser take care of your tone with an isotonic drink at two points
Skullcandy care about your good mood
The iconic Dunav Ultra beer, specially created for the one-of-a-kind Dunav Ultra cycling adventure, will be given to each of the prize winners (in the 18+ categories) as well as three lucky winners of a raffle drawn among all participants.
Epic Bike provides two bike repair shops on the square and at the Golyamo Malovo point, where 23 and 44 km separate.
Keeping nature clean in everything we do is as important as clean code for any digital experience. As fans of outdoor sports, but also masters of the code, our partners at software company Melon, part of Kin+Carta, understand the importance of both.
Coca cola provides drinks for the refreshment points
BDZ provides a wagon for the wheels especially for the competition

With the professional assistance of:

Racetiming make sure everything is on time

Bike and Run for Chepan is organized by a team of Stenata stores in cooperation and with the help of the Municipality of Dragoman and in support of environmental protection projects of SDP Balkani and APB.