MINI BAY and RUN for Chepan 2024 is HERE! It is held in parallel with @Bike and Run for Chepan under the auspices of Dragoman Municipality.

 On April 27 at 10:30 children start in three disciplines: running, cycling and cycling-tournament.

The age categories are divided as follows:
 For Running: 2-3 yrs, 4-5 yrs, 6-7 yrs and 8-9 yrs.
 For Bike: 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs.
A child can participate in both disciplines according to their age category.

 For the Bike Tournament: for the first time, children aged 8 to 11 inclusive will take part in a competitive tournament, cycling through a mini obstacle course in the Town Hall Square

For the first time the two formats will be held TOGETHER: Mini BIKE and RUN up to 7 years and Bike Tournament - 8 -11 years.

Two routes, two hours, two Veloevolution teams with volunteers

To enter the competition fill in THE REGISTRATION FORM until 25 April.

To her REQUIRED complete, print, sign and bring on the day of the competition the following declarations:



We remind you about the compulsory equipment in the disciplines with bike:
1. Own wheel
2. Helmet
Participants without helmets are not allowed!


Competition regulations up to 7 years by disciplines and age categories:

Track length: 50 m - up to 4 yrs.
Track length: 100 m - for 5-6 yrs.
Track length: 200 m - for 7 years.

Track length: 50 m - up to 4 yrs.
Track length: 100 m - for 5-6 yrs.
Track length: 200 m - for 7 years.
Course length: 250 m - for 8-9 years.

The time taken to traverse the route. Participants are placed two by two. One child may participate in both disciplines according to his/her age category. Classifications are by age group for girls and boys

Course for children from 8 to 11 years: a polygon with obstacles such as snake, figure eight, gate, balance line, etc. filled with markings and cones. Points/time are counted for successful completion of each element. Children are expected to be able to ride a bicycle with one hand, have good control of the bicycle when manoeuvring and maintain balance.

The track is growing up! The established in the last 4 years route of the road under the square of Dragoman Municipality remains for Mini bike and run. To it we add a part of the square itself, where the Velo-tournament will take place. Both routes will be marked with stripes, temporary spray and pegs.
Volunteers - parents, bicycle leaders and youth volunteers from BMRC take care of the children and their orientation along the route.

Следете страниците на Байк и Рън за Чепън и на @Сдружение „Велоеволюция“ за актуална информация!

Share with friends and give your kids an exciting day!