In 2021, Bike and Run for Chepan collected more than 4000 BGN from registrations and donated them to the Association of Parks in Bulgaria (APB) for the start of a campaign for mapping and protecting centuries-old trees in Bulgaria. In 2024, we will again donate BGN 5 from each registration to this campaign, relying on everyone's cooperation to continue the campaign and engage the largest possible number of Bulgarians of all ages.

Why ancient trees?

Centuries-old trees are guardians of the greatness of Bulgarian forests. They are silent witnesses of historical events and preserve national traditions. They are a breath of fresh air and a visual delight for the restless spirit of the urban man. The Association of Parks in Bulgaria has two campaigns for the protection of ancient trees and you can get involved in each of them:

-"Let's preserve the centuries-old trees of Bulgaria"is the main campaign of APB to preserve the centuries-old trees in the country. A large part of the old trees do not have institutional protection because there is no information about them and the institutions simply do not know about their existence. This may be a prerequisite for their destruction in case of investment projects, or other circumstances concerning the place where the tree is located. We collect data on potential ancient trees from all over the country, for which we can prepare protection proposals to send to the responsible institutions. Information can be sent to:


-The "Check the condition of a century-old tree"campaign is aimed at the already declared century-old trees. It aims to track their health in order to identify a specific problem and report to the institutions to take measures, save the tree and extend its life. By joining the campaign you will contribute to their protection by helping us to know their current state of health. That way we will be able to assess if they are okay and what needs to be done if a problem occurs. You can join the campaign here:


We've made collecting and submitting information easy and convenient, all you need is your phone. You don't need to install apps or download forms. It is only necessary to enter the site created for this and submit the information. Thus, after the walk, in addition to the memories of the day, there remains the pleasant feeling that you contributed to the preservation of the tree you visited.


But how much do we really know about the ancient trees around us - in our locality and how to protect them?


As an answer to these questions, we at Stenata Stores see a solution and an opportunity to help. We will participate in the creation of an information database for these important objects and help in the process of their registration. In connection with this, 5 BGN from each entry fee of our annual “Bike and Run for Chepan 2024” race will be donated again to the campaign"Let's preserve the centuries-old trees of Bulgaria"“.


It is important for us to raise awareness about the importance of ancient and remarkable trees because they are natural landmarks in themselves and their preservation is of great importance for our future as citizens and Bulgarians, a living link with our past. The history of each such tree is intertwined with many human stories, and often with local myths and legends. Thus, by preserving them, we preserve not only the connection to our roots, but also our national identity, traditions and culture.


Register to participate in the spring 13th edition of BIKE AND RUN FOR CHEPAN 2024 and help us declare more century-old trees in Bulgaria protected!

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