With our 10th anniversary start on 16.10.2021, we set ourselves a goal to expand the campaign by continuing the support of Balkani Wildlife Society and the Association of Parks in Bulgaria for their valuable projects in connection with the preservation of century-old trees, the announcement of new natural landmarks, and the preservation of unique and important habitats, one of which undoubtedly is the Dragoman Marsh. Thanks to you, dear friends, we collected and donated BGN 4000+!


Why ancient trees?


Centuries-old trees are guardians of the splendor of Bulgarian forests. They are silent witnesses of historical events and keep the folk traditions. They are a breath of fresh air and a visual pleasure for the restless spirit of the urban man.


There are only 2,193 protected centuries-old trees in Bulgaria.There are many more old trees that do not have institutional protection, but are threatened with destruction due to construction needs, uncontrollable felling or lack of awareness.

But how much do we really know about the ancient trees around us - in our locality and how to protect them?


In answer to this this question, we, at the Stenata store, see a solution and an opportunity to help. We will take part in the creation of an information bank about these ancient trees and will help in the process of their registration. In connection with this, BGN 5 from each entry fee for our annual Bike & Run for Chepan 2021 competition will be provided to the campaign ""Let's preserve the centuries-old trees of Bulgaria"And that's only the beginning!


It is important for us to raise awareness about the importance of century-old trees, biotope trees, and natural landmarks around us which remain outside any protection of the law and are at risk from unscrupulous people.


These trees and natural landmarks are close to us, and their preservation is of great importance for our future as citizens and Bulgarians, a living connection with our past. Help us announce more and more centuries-old trees in Bulgaria for protected. We collect the data on the potential centuries-old trees from all over the country, and you can send the information to: priroda@parks.bg. The campaign is part of a joint project of the Association of Parks in Bulgaria and the BALKANI Wildlife Association.

The Stenata store and BIKE & RUN FOR CHЕPАN are changing. Take part you too!